Local economies

Rewiring Local Economies: Community Wealth Building for a Just Transition

This report aims to demonstrate how CWB can be a powerful instrument to achieve a just transition.

By Miriam Brett

The Scottish Government has committed to bringing forward the world’s first Community Wealth Building Act within this Parliamentary session. This not only represents an opportunity to mark a defining directional change in Scotland’s approach to economic development – it can also set a precedent that extends beyond Scotland’s borders. Should the act prove transformative, it can create a ripple effect, enabling Scotland to become a test case example for other countries to replicate and build on.

To date, the links between Community Wealth Building (CWB) and a just transition have been relatively underexplored in Scotland. The origins, visions and missions of a just transition and CWB are complimentary. This report aims to demonstrate how - if true to its purpose and ambitious in its aims - Scotland’s embrace of CWB can be a powerful instrument to achieve a rapid and just transition to net zero.

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